25. enero 2023

Headphone and Earphone Quality Testing with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

Headphone and Earphone Quality Testing with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

The FX100 Audio Analyzer combined with the Larson Davis binaural headphone and earphone test fixture are the ideal combination for measurements of over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones.

The Larson Davis Model provides precise mechanical positioning of headphones. The two built-in ear simulators with pinna and microphones allow measurements according to the IEC 60318 (IEC 60711) standard.


An FX100 Audio Analyzer is used, controlled by the FX-Control Software. This controls the measurement sequence. The two microphones of the binaural headphone and earphone test fixture are directly connected to the FX100.

Test Signal

Glide sweep, noise or sinusoidal signals are typically used. These can be transmitted from the FX100 electrically, or wirelessly to the headphones via the NTi Audio Bluetooth Box.

Sound Recording

The sound emitted by the headphones is then picked up by the built-in microphones, and passed to the FX100 Audio Analyzer.


From the measured microphone signals, various headphone parameters can be determined. Typical parameters are sensitivity, frequency response, distortion and phase response. For models with an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) function, the active, passive and total sound reduction of the headphone or earphone is also determined.



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