18. diciembre 2016

Sound Insulation PC Software available for XL2

Sound Insulation PC Software available for XL2

NTi Audio offers a new professional software package for determining the sound insulation of buildings measured with the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The "Sound Insulation Reporter" PC software generates simple yet detailed sound measurement reports that comply with the standards. The software provides building acoustic consultants with a clear visualization of the recorded XL2 measurement data.

The new "Sound Insulation Reporter" software ideally complements the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The measuring instrument and software together make an intuitive solution for the detailed analysis and documentation of sound insulation measurement data. Project Manager Berno Nigsch reports, “The Sound Insulation Reporter produces measurement reports for airborne and impact sound insulation in accordance with the relevant standards such as ISO140 and, of course, the new ISO16283.”

Drag & Drop to the Measurement Report

The measured data recorded in the source and receiving rooms can be simply dragged and dropped into the "Sound Insulation Reporter". The results are then automatically calculated and immediately shown without any further action required from the user. The standard-compliant measurement reports are ready to print and include sound insulation charts and all associated data – as well as a company logo of the user’s choice. The insulation level is documented within the frequency range 50 Hz to 5 kHz. Furthermore, the user can add descriptions of the measured partition or ceiling directly into the measurement report.

XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter Results

Sound Insulation Reporter Software - Result View

Measurement Series automatically assigned to Source or Receiving Room

The "Sound Insulation Reporter" and the XL2 work hand in hand; at the first time the user chooses names for the various measurement positions on the PC. These names are then stored on the XL2 memory card and the files of each measurement series are clearly labelled for later reference. When importing the measurement files, the PC software recognizes which of the files belongs to which measurement position. Thus, the user benefits from an enormous increase in efficiency – it is only a matter of seconds between the import of the prepared measurement data and the availability of the finished report.

Full Sound Insulation Analysis

The "Sound Insulation Reporter" calculates the energy-average of the third-octave spectra and performs any necessary noise correction for the receiving room data according to the selected standard. Analogously, the reporter calculates the average reverberation time from the individual measurements in the receiving room. The software automatically updates the averaged and sound insulation values when individual measurements are removed from the evaluation or other parameters are changed. All measurement data and charts are available via copy & paste for customer-specific reports.

Installation on any Number of Computers

The "Sound Insulation Reporter" software can be installed on any number of computers. This facilitates, for example, evaluation with a notebook on site and later with the office PC. The import of data into the PC software is enabled by the Sound Insulation Option being installed on the XL2 Sound Level Meter. As an alternative to purchasing this option, the annual subscription service "Sound Insulation Reporter 365" offers an inexpensive way for the data import into the PC software. The instrument supports the Sound Insulation Option from firmware V3.23 and higher.

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