21. junio 2017

Swen Mueller is back in Europe

Interview by Dieter Michel, editor of the PROSOUND magazine

Swen Mueller is back in Europe

During the visit of the NTi Audio booth at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, we met Swen Müller, an electronics engineer and signal processing specialist who is well-known in the audio scene as the author of expert articles and developer of measurement software. Him having vanished from the local scene for more than a decade, we took the opportunity for a short interview.

Hello Mr. Müller, we have not seen you for a long time. You were in Brazil, were you not?

Yes, for the past 16 years I worked in the acoustics laboratory of the National Institute of Metrology (INMETRO) near Rio de Janeiro. There I dealt mainly with the development of hardware and software for measurement technology and algorithms for various measuring methods. A main focus was the primary and secondary calibration of microphones. The experiences that I was able to collect during this period now benefit me in my new job.

So, you are back in Europe. Where are you based?

With the measurement instrument manufacturer NTi Audio in the picturesque Rhine valley, which crosses the Alps on the border between Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. My ex-colleagues and friends in Brazil, to whom I regularly provide photos of the magnificent alpine scenery, are envious of my new location!

Why did you choose NTi Audio?

This was a lucky coincidence and turned out to be a "perfect match". My activity as a guest consultant in Brazil was ending due to their economic difficulties, and NTi Audio happened to be looking for a senior scientist to continue the work of the mastermind Ludger Holtzem. His ideas and his spirit of invention have decisively influenced the NTi Audio products and contributed significantly to their popularity. In the future, I will be aiming to encourage this spirit to live on, to evolve the best possible quality, and to provide the instruments with secure, reliable, and future-proof functionality.

It is also very appealing and exciting for me to use agile measurement methods, which are quicker at providing more accurate and higher resolution results than the classical analogue methods. This gives a significant added value to the users. For example, the impulse response measurement method in space and building acoustics has long been standard. The advances made by the semiconductor industry, which now offers low-cost and low-power AD and DA converters with excellent characteristics, also allow portable devices to perform similarly to large stationary analyzers. This is definitely an exciting field of activity and offers ample potential for future developments.

Then you have interesting times ahead of you with NTi Audio. It will be exciting to see products with your signature in the future.

Thank you for your time.



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