24. enero 2023

The XL3 Acoustic Analyzer - always connected

The XL3 Acoustic Analyzer - always connected

Connect directly to your XL3 anytime, anywhere through the NTi Connect website, offering efficient working and convenience in your daily measurement tasks.

Use your web browser to operate your XL3 from wherever you are, and transfer your measurement data, audio recordings, screenshots, and more to your computer, or simply check the status of the device.

It's as easy as this Video Demo (18 sec) shows.

More for System Integrators

The XL3 Acoustic Analyzer further allows integration into existing measurement systems. Control the XL3 from your software with our Command API. This makes it easy to automate measurements and measurement sequences.

Streaming API (planned)

Receive stored and current measurement and audio data via a WebSocket interface.

IP Address vs. NTi Connect

On a local network, you can access the XL3 via the IP Address. If this is restricted outside your own network, the NTi Connect web service offers a simple and convenient solution. The XL3 Acoustic Analyzer can be connected from anywhere using a unique key and configurable password.



  Local File Access File Remote Access via SFTP File Remote Access via Web UI Remote Operation via Web UI Remote Control via Command API Streaming API
USB x   x x x x
NTi Connect   x x x x x
IP Address   x x x x x

Connections vs Functionality


A USB-C interface is available for a local connection to the computer.

To connect the XL3 to a network, you can choose between WLAN, LAN (with USB adapter), and mobile data (with external modem).


For more information about the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer, click here.

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