14. octubre 2016

XL2-TA awarded Class 1 Type Approval by PTB

XL2-TA awarded Class 1 Type Approval by PTB

The XL2-TA is now among the first sound level meters in the world to receive Type approval for multiple configurations according to the IEC 61672-1: 2014 standard. This allows customers to carry out precision-grade, Class 1 measurements with the microphone attached or using a 5m, 10m or 20m lengths of microphone extension cable. In addition, the new XL2 firmware V3.11 offers a wealth of functionality enhancements, such as the integration of the XL2 into the NoiseScout system for environmental noise monitoring.


PTB Approval
The PTB Approval dated the 12 August 2016 certifies the XL2-TA as fully meeting the requirements of the revised sound level meter standard IEC 61672:2014 with the new firmware V3.11 and a number of accessories. This makes the XL2-TA one of the first sound level meters able to be operated in multiple configuration modes according to the new, and more stringent, IEC 61672-1: 2014 standard. The measurement microphone can be attached directly to the XL2 with the protection shroud MXA01, or alternatively can be operated remote from the meter via an ASD cable of length 5, 10 or 20 meters. This gives the operator a high degree of flexibility to adapt the system to suit the conditions and to carry out precision-grade measurements that are valid in a court of law.



New Capabilities
The latest firmware V3.11 offers a wealth of new functionality; including a sliding LCeq in parallel to the LAeq, which is particularly useful in noise management at live venues. Also available is the facility for data files to be protected by a checksum code, preventing data tampering. In addition, reverberation time measurement also now includes the T30 method for more reliable measurement results in quiet environments.



Integration into Environmental Noise Monitoring
The new firmware also supports the integration of the XL2 Sound Level Meter via a NetBox into the NoiseScout system. This platform provides comprehensive environmental noise monitoring where the levels recorded by the XL2 are transferred to a cloud network by LAN, Wi-Fi or a mobile data modem. In this way, the operator can quickly and easily monitor noise levels via the web at remote measuring stations and deliver reliable and resilient data for a noise compliant operation.



Download the XL2 type approval certificate here.


PTB List of type approved sound level meters .

Download the XL2-TA user manual here.

Download the XL2-TA firmware 3.11 here. (requires that the TA option be installed on the XL2)

Discover the NoiseScout system with a live demo here.


Press Picture(s) for download here.


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