04. novembro 2016

Bluetooth Interface for the FX100 Audio Analyzer

Bluetooth Interface for the FX100 Audio Analyzer

Wireless connections are used in many consumer audio devices, replacing traditional cable connectors. The NTi Audio Bluetooth Box enables fast and comprehensive testing of wireless audio devices with the FX100 Audio Analyzer. The connection phase is automatic.

The NTi Audio Bluetooth Box can be used to test devices that use the A2DP Bluetooth standard. The A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is used for wireless stereo signals. The Bluetooth Box can either send (A2DP Source) or receive (A2DP Sink) the Bluetooth signal. The connection to the generator or analyzer of the FX100 is via analog lines.

Easy Configuration
Configure the Bluetooth Box with just a few clicks using a provided PC application. Select "A2DP Source" to send Bluetooth audio. The software then searches for nearby devices and displays them in a selection list.

Bluetooth signals are received by selecting "A2DP Sink". The Bluetooth Box then appears as a receiver device and can be selected by a transmitter (e.g. mobile phone or TV).

Comprehensive Measurements
Once the connection is active, all the electrical and acoustic parameters of the test object can be quickly recorded. The glide-sweep technology of the FX100 allows you to capture the desired measured values and curves within a few 100 milliseconds.

In manual operation, the user selects the desired Bluetooth device from the list of available devices for connection. This process can also be automated for measurements in production. By using a search mask, Bluetooth devices whose names correspond to the search mask are automatically found and connected. In addition, when the Bluetooth device is successfully connected, a trigger signal is sent to the FX100 IO digital interface. The device to be tested has only to be switched on. The complete connection set-up as well as the measuring sequence then runs automatically.

Learn more about the FX100 Audio Analyzer and its accessories on the FX100 website.

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