05. setembro 2014

Comprehensive Spectral Noise Data Analysis

Comprehensive Spectral Noise Data Analysis
Data Explorer is a PC-based software application providing comprehensive analysis and reporting of noise data obtained from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The software now offers an extensive analysis of spectral noise data and the calculation of Day-Night-Levels for noise annoyance reporting.

The latest release of XL2 Data Explorer V1.21 broadens the spectral noise data analysis, provides day-night level calculation and enables shared data storage. The software in combination with the XL2 Sound Level Meter provides an excellent solution for noise measurement professionals.

Detailed Spectral Analysis
XL2 Sound Level Meter logs the broadband and spectral noise data in selectable log intervals. The recorded measurement results are imported into the Data Explorer software for detailed analysis and reporting. Users may define single or multiple specific time periods (markers) and calculate the averaged spectrum. This helps to identify tones and potential frequency bands causing noise annoyances. The results of 36 frequency bands ranging from 6.3 Hz to 20 kHz are displayed in a chart that is scalable to best fit your report.

Day-Night Level for Noise Annoyance Monitoring
The level of legally-acceptable noise pollution can vary according to the time of day. Typically less noise is permitted during the nighttime period. The XL2 Data Explorer software supports this application by calculating the day-night level in accordance with the ISO 1996 standard. Individual correction factors can be applied for the evening and the night periods. The day-night levels LDEN, LDN, LDay, LEvening and LNight are calculated for detailed analysis of the noise pollution.

Calculated Lden level for a single day

Extended Data Storage
With the latest V1.21 customers can define the storage location of the project data, such as any local folder or a network drive. This is most convenient for sharing projects on an office network.

Fast Data Analysis on-the-fly
XL2 Data Explorer quickly visualizes millions of data points and is thus ideally suited for acoustic consultants and noise measurement professionals. The software provides a convenient way to view and manage noise data and create customized reports. The data import process requires the installation of the Data Explorer Option into the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

This software update is free for all existing XL2 Data Explorer users.

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