12. fevereiro 2014

Flexible Percentile Sound Level Measurements

The statistical distribution of sound pressure levels is commonly used for environmental noise analysis, such as road traffic or community noise assessments. Now the XL2 allows you to measure any percentile level from 1% through to 99% as well as define the time and frequency weightings for the statistics.

The latest XL2 developments extend the level statistics functionality with variable settings from 1% through to 99% for each of the seven percentile levels. Thus the XL2 measures e.g. the percentile levels 5%, 33%, 50%, etc., - up to seven levels at the same time. Also, the time and frequency weightings for the broadband source are selectable; users may choose one of the frequency weightings A, C or Z and the time weighting Fast, Slow as well as Leq. These flexible setup parameters mean that the XL2 Sound Level Meter can be used for a wide range of applications.

These new features are offered by the XL2 with firmware V2.72 or higher. The XL2 offers percentile measurements of wide band levels as well as the 1/1 and 1/3 octave spectrum. Percentile measurements are part of the optional Extended Acoustic Pack.

Download the latest XL2 firmware V2.72 for free here.
More information about the XL2 Sound Level Meter here.

Press Picture(s) for download here.

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