16. novembro 2016

NoiseScout – the Turnkey Solution for Unattended Noise Monitoring

NoiseScout – the Turnkey Solution for Unattended Noise Monitoring

NoiseScout provides a comprehensive but easy-to use 24/7 noise monitoring solution. It is aimed at both short term noise assessments and long term monitoring applications such as construction sites or traffic noise monitoring. During acquisition, automated email alerts allow noise issues to be addressed before a non-compliance condition arises.

NoiseScout displays the noise levels, measured by the XL2 Sound Level Meter, live in your web browser. The measurement data recorded out in the field is presented online in charts and dashboards. Multiple noise level meters can be monitored simultaneously within the map view, thus providing localized geographic visualization for all noise levels at a glance. Identified users can access all their projects, control their monitors or create basic view modes, allowing stakeholders to oversee their noise level data.

Smart Decision Making
The XL2 Sound level Meter is configured remotely. The NoiseScout monitoring solution reports compliance violations and data connection irregularities by email. This facilitates quick responses to noise issues so that they are addressed before a non-compliance condition arises. Further, the operator can remotely access the data to assess the results and create reports, or decide that the measurement period should be prolonged, all without having to visit the site or retrieve the noise monitoring equipment.

Secure 24/7 Noise Monitoring
NoiseScout provides reliable on-site sound level measurements. The power supply is monitored and low voltage levels of any connected external battery pack are reported. Immediate action to facilitate uninterrupted measurements can thus be taken. In case of an external power loss, the XL2 Sound Level Meter will continue measuring using its internal battery. Once the internal battery too is exhausted, as soon as power is restored, the XL2 will restart automatically and continue with the measurement.




NoiseScout Unattended Noise Monitoring Solution

NoiseScout Unattended Noise Monitoring Solution


Reliable Measurement Data Buffering
No data will be lost if communication to the NoiseScout Servers is interrupted. Measurement data is buffered for transmission at source on the XL2 Sound Level Meter. In case of any lost connection, the recorded data will be synchronized to the NoiseScout Servers as soon as communication is re-established. The NoiseScout Servers are built on a scalable architecture and the latest secure data center technology. The server network provides access to your data quickly and reliably.

Faster Reports with Data Explorer
NoiseScout further maximizes the success of the survey by reducing the time spent preparing the client report. All data can be exported to the optional Data Explorer PC software for detailed analysis. The NoiseScout system leaves the consultant free to concentrate on their key responsibilities, such as producing the client report, even before the XL2 Sound Level Meter has been collected from site.

Save Costs with Pay-per-Use
NTi Audio manages and maintains the data synchronization and data storage for your convenience. The operator can see the live noise levels simply by browsing to the NoiseScout Web Portal. Rather than a flat-rate data storage contract, this service is offered within an innovative “pay-per-use” credit scheme, providing transparent and predictable cost control. Usage is based on calendar days contained within the measurement data transferred from the XL2 Sound Level Meter to the Server. NoiseScout offers the freedom to start and stop the online noise monitoring from your office or mobile device providing total flexibility in meeting your project requirements.

Live Demo - Online Noise Monitoring
See the NoiseScout live demo here and learn about the latest noise levels around the NTi Audio head office






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