16. janeiro 2018

NTi Audio Wins the Approval of Colleges

NTi Audio Wins the Approval of Colleges

Instruments from NTi Audio are winning the approval of more and more colleges because of their advantage in the professional field. Many colleges in Nanjing have become loyal customers of NTi Audio. This year, NTi Audio’s first on-site training with technical support was held in the Nanjing Technical Vocational College (NTVC). This high-performance college chooses the XL2 analyzer to support their acoustic measurement courses.

According to requirements, this training was focused on PA system measurement. Combining with Chinese national standards, such as GB/T 4959, GB/T 50526, introductions to the instrument operation, parameters and data processing were given. The training was presented by Ention Xian, product manager of NTi Audio.

Standard Compliant Measurements
Besides setting up and operating the instrument, the attendees were mostly interested in how to carry out standard-compliant measurements. Nowadays there are clear requirements, within the Chinese standards, concerning the testing of PA systems. Measurements such as frequency response, RT60, and STIPA must be recorded. The XL2 Analyzer can not only test these values very quickly, but also provides convenient data processing facilities. Ention introduced these measurements to teachers and students of NTVC. The Attendees were impressed by the convenience, easy operation and extensive features included in this instrument.

Academic + Engineering
As a sound level meter with many functions, the XL2 is powerful. Whether in a lab, classroom or in the field. Using the Projector PRO light software, the instrument screen can be projected to a larger monitor. The attendees were able to see all the operations and measurement results in real time, which is extremely useful for teaching or monitoring.

The XL2 provides high accuracy as well as being able to be operated with one hand due to its handy size. This makes things much easier for acoustic engineers, especially when the requirements are complex. All the measurement results and audio files are stored within the instrument, ready for data post-processing and analysis.

Attendees from NTVC were very pleased with the instruments. After the theoretical presentation, they were able to gain hands-on experience doing practical measurements with the XL2s.

In China already a lot of famous colleges, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Nanjing University, are utilizing solutions from NTi Audio in building acoustics, live sound and much more. NTi Audio is proud to support China’s acoustic development.

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