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Power Measurements in Service and Quality Assurance

Power Measurements in Service and Quality Assurance

The XL2 Audio Analyzer measures power in Watts and dBm. Thus, the maximum output power of, for example, an audio amplifier or a headphone output can be determined quickly and easily. With this new functionality, the XL2 underlines its position as a professional measuring tool in quality assurance, maintenance, and service.

The power of an audio amplifier is specified in Watts (W) or Decibel-Milliwatts (dBm). A headphone, for example, may have a maximum input power of the order of 100 mW. The amplifier used to power this headphone should provide a maximum output power of 100 mW in order to operate the headphone within specifications. A higher output could cause distortion or damage to the headphones.

XL2 indicates Power in W or dBm
For quality assurance, the maximum output power of an amplifier can be quickly and efficiently checked using the XL2 Audio Analyzer. To this end, the user connects the XL2 directly to the amplifier and simply selects the load resistance of the headphone or loudspeaker in the corresponding menu. The XL2 now displays the power output of the amplifier in Watts or dBm. This eliminates the necessity to convert from the voltage level to the output power; the XL2 Audio Analyzer measures and displays the result clearly on the large display. At the same time, it determines the distortion values (THD + N). The XL2 is therefore ideally suited for ensuring that power parameters are adhered to in quality assurance, service, and repairs. The measuring device also stores all measurement results for complete documentation of the checks carried out.

Power Measurement in only a few Seconds
Peter Gantenbein, the Project Manager at NTi Audio, reports from his practical experience, "The XL2 Audio Analyzer saves a lot of time in our quality test - in a few seconds, I can precisely determine the maximum output power of an amplifier. The handy gauge simplifies my work in development, manufacturing, and service.”

The maximum amplifier power is calculated from the maximum voltage level at the output and the load resistance of the headphone or loudspeaker to be connected. The unit dBm of the power level describes the ratio of the measured power in Watts compared to the reference power of 1 mW. 0 dBm correspond to exactly 1 mW. Typically, the unit dBm refers to a load resistance of 600 ohms.

The XL2 Audio Analyzer offers these power measurements as of firmware V3.23. The maximum output with the XL2 is 150 Watts @ 4 Ohm. All registered XL2 customers receive this feature extension with a free firmware update.

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