05. janeiro 2016

Successful Audio Test Engineer Certification in China

Successful Audio Test Engineer Certification in China

BEIJING: The first ever Audio & Video Test Engineer Certification Training organized by a national committee was held from 19 to 22 December 2015. Engineers from all over the country attended the courses to learn about audio and video testing. As a leading manufacturer of acoustic and audio test equipment, NTi Audio was approved by the committee to provide professional audio test instruments and technical support.

The course was organized by the China Audio and Video Engineering Committee (CAVEC) in co-operation with the Building Acoustic Lab of Tsinghua University, Shandong Electronic and Information Equipment Inspection Institute and Beijing Kunguang Vocational Skills Training School.

XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer offers all-in-one Solution
Cheng Wei, the director of Shandong Electronic and Information Equipment Inspection Institute, introduced the test standards and methods for testing PA systems. Detailed demonstrations allowed engineers to transform the abstract theory into practical skills. The NTi Audio XL2 Analyzer was the instrument of choice for measurement during these demonstrations. Director Cheng further emphasized the importance of speech intelligibility testing in evacuation systems. The NTi Audio STIPA test procedure was chosen for its simplicity and accuracy.

Efficient Field Testing with Handheld Instruments
On the last day of the training, the committee arranged a field test in a theater. Ention Xian, Product Manager for NTi Audio, together with Director Cheng, presented the step-by-step test procedure according to national standards. The attendees followed with avid interest as the frequency response, transmission gain, RT60 and speech intelligibility were measured. Again the XL2 Analyzer, supported by the MR-PRO Signal Generator and TalkBox Acoustic Signal Generator, made the demo simple and efficient. 

Ease-of-use Instruments assisted Certification Training
The feedback from the engineers on the training course was overwhelmingly positive, several stating that only after one goes through a field test can one truly understand the motivations behind the test methods. The clear display and hands-on ease-of-use of the NTi Audio instruments greatly assisted this learning process.

Summing up, Director Cheng stated, ”It was a successful training, from which audio and video engineers learned more about the regulatory requirements for AV testing. We thank NTi Audio for providing test equipment that meets our standards.”

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