03. março 2016

XL2 Reports with Certificate of Authenticity

XL2 Reports with Certificate of Authenticity

The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer automatically saves measurement data in plain text files. With the latest free product extension to the XL2, an encoded checksum is included within the data of each measurement file. This guarantees that the measurement data is original; that the reports have not been inadvertently changed by a third party.

The hand-held XL2 Analyzer is a powerful Sound Level Meter, a professional Acoustic Analyzer and a precision Audio Analyzer in one instrument. During measurement, the instrument continually writes measurement data in text format (.txt files) to the SD card. These files can be opened with a text editor, e.g. Notepad or Wordpad, or be imported directly into MS Excel.

Efficient Documentation of Measurement Data
The XL2 Analyzer has a new feature. An encoded checksum is now added to each data file. This checksum ensures the authenticity of the test reports against manipulation attempts by a third party. Berno Nigsch, Product Manager of NTi Audio, says, "In the past customers used the XL2 screenshot function to prove the authenticity of the measurement data. This is now no longer necessary; the process of data validation is more secure. The authenticity of the data can be verified at any time by means of the checksum. The documentation process is now more efficient, giving XL2 customers more time to focus on their core competencies."

File Validator Software confirms Authenticity
The authenticity of an XL2 measurement file is confirmed using the "XL2 File Validator" PC software. This application compares the complete contents of a measurement file against the stored checksum. With a single press of a button, many measurement reports can be verified. In summary, Mr. Nigsch clarifies, "The checksum provides another quality feature for all XL2 users. It confirms the authenticity of the measurement data in the generated measurement reports while adding traceability."

The XL2 Analyzer with firmware V3.12 or higher provides the checksums. All registered XL2 customers receive this enhancement with the free firmware update on the XL2 support page. The "XL2 File Validator" software is also available free of charge on this support page.


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