04. junio 2024

Live Sound Level Monitoring with the XL3

Live Sound Level Monitoring with the XL3

The handheld XL3 Acoustic Analyzer is a must-have device for event monitoring.

The XL3 Sound Level Meter indicates when level limits are being exceeded during live shows. This information is available through any browser. This makes life easier for the Front of House (FoH) engineer and gives peace of mind to the event organizers. Levels at several locations can be simultaneously monitored.

Every XL3 has an online, built-in large screen (XL-View) mode, which continuously streams three selectable levels together with freely-definable limits. Warnings, when levels are near or exceeding the limits, are clearly visualized with orange or red backgrounds. The levels are available for free to display in any browser.


XL3 Sound Level Meter, XL View for Live Sound Monitoring

Live Sound Monitoring with the XL View, XL3 Sound Level Meter with FW 1.32

Connect with your iPad, your phone, or any browser-enabled large screen such as a smart TV. This allows the levels to be displayed to all interest groups such as FoH, organizers, audience, authorities, and neighbors.

The XL-View function is available free of charge for every XL3 device.

Interested parties can connect by simply clicking on the Guest Link. Here is a sample link to a demo XL3 in our offices: connect.nti-audio.com/FY29M-JNHW3/guest/MainStage/
(This link will only be valid until June 14th)

Setup is a very simple process

  1. connect your XL3 to the internet or local network via wifi or LAN
  2. to create a Guest Link: go to connect.nti-audio.com, log in on your XL3, choose the SETTINGS page, type in any text, and click Save
  3. use this read-only link on the big screen and send the link to the event organizer, and other interested parties

XL3 Sound Level Meter, XL View read only guest link config

Connected XL3, read only view via connect.nti-audio.com


Alternatively, if the XL3 is connected to a local network without an Internet connection, the levels can be viewed in a browser using the IP address assigned to that XL3.

Monitor all critical locations

Place XL3s at all the required monitoring locations - one at each stage, and in the neighborhood. The data can also be automatically pushed to a cloud so that the event monitoring report can be generated by someone else in your office, while you get on with the job of mixing your best sound.

Multi-stage Festivals

Our online platform MeasurEye provides an advanced alternative for monitoring events that include many measurement positions. Alarms can be set to trigger when combinations of different limits are reached simultaneously at more than one location. See measureye.com


Further information on the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer can be found here

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