19. março 2017

Austrian Convention Center puts their trust in the XL2

Austrian Convention Center puts their trust in the XL2
The stunning Montforthaus Culture and Convention Center in Feldkirch, Austria, was officially opened in January 2015. Symphony concerts, fairs, social events, conferences, club events, school balls, lectures and pop concerts are a regular feature in this conference and congress facility which can accommodate up to 3,000 participants. The audio quality and intelligibility of speech presentations in these many and varied acoustic environments is assured by the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer.

The Montforthaus technical team considers the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer an essential part of their kit. With often incredibly quick turnaround times between events, the audio quality tasks need to be handled efficiently. These include optimizing the sound quality on the stage and in the auditorium as well as monitoring sound levels during events. Further, the functionality and intelligibility of evacuation announcement system needs to be periodically verified.

Rely on the XL2 Analyzer

The team chose the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer. For the diversity of events that are offered at Montforthaus, they searched for a universal audio meter. Consistently obtaining reliable results that display instantly was top of their agenda.

Optimized Sound Quality
An important factor for a successful event is the quality of the sound. To optimize audio and media installations, the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer offers an extensive package of measurement functions. With the handheld XL2 they are able to flexibly adapt the sound to the requirements of the events. Also, the Minirator allows them to easily check cable paths in the house.

Event Monitoring
For music events the sound levels are monitored with the XL2. Often there are several events held simultaneously, where sound levels should not interfere with each other. Permanent level monitoring is therefore essential. At the same time the levels need to comply with the applicable Austrian sound level limits of LAeq <99 dB and LCpeak<135 dB in the auditorium. The possibility to also use the sound level meter function is ideal for them, particularly in the main auditorium which is often supervised from the control room. The team can rely on continuous level measurement in the public sector, and if necessary, a measurement report for the event is available.

Speech Intelligibility Test of Evacuation System
The Montforthaus is centrally located in the medieval city of Feldkirch. In the Atrium tourists can obtain information about upcoming events in Feldkirch and Vorarlberg, the western region of Austria. Every day, many visitors use this multifunctional building. A reliable evacuation system for voice and emergency announcements is essential. Therefore, the speech intelligibility is periodically checked with the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer. The documentation provided in a STIPA measurement report saves a lot of time. The XL2 is considered a universal and compact tool for daily use.

Showcase Montforthaus
The Montforthaus Culture and Convention Centre is proudly described as a fresh wind blowing through the town with culture and entertainment in the center. Inspired by an architecture of exciting spaces, linked with the unique, historic old town and employing the principle of environmental sustainability, the house is a meeting place for people from near and far.

More about the XL2 Sound Level Meter
More about Montforthaus http://www.montforthausfeldkirch.com

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