05. março 2013

Customized Test Sequences for FX100 Analyzer

The latest release of the FX-Control software supports user-defined test sequences for the FX100 Audio Analyzer. The sequences are defined in a simple way via the GUI and do not require any programming skills. The feature supports user prompts and interactions, tolerance checks and automated data logging & export as well as reporting.

The new advanced sequencer of the FX-Control software V2.62 extends the functionality of the FX100 Audio Analyzer. It allows to creating user-defined test procedures, e.g. for the semi-automated execution of complex device tests in the lab or on a production line.

Easy sequence definition
The intuitive process of creating a sequence is ensured by offering a thought-out selection of control elements that are directly accessible via the GUI. The operator may activate and arrange the required elements freely in order to establish the targeted test procedure. Programming skills are not required.

Powerful controls and data handling
Regardless whether the user wants to create a simple test sequence, or a more complex procedure with elaborate data processing, the features of the FX-Control sequencer provides the necessary means and options. The list of offered controls includes user prompts, manual data input, running a measurement or an executable, inserting a delay, and exporting data to a log file or a report document.

“The advanced FX-Control sequencer closes the gap between the manual operation of the FX100 Audio Analyzer in a lab and a semi-automated production line” says Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio.

More Details at www.nti-audio.com/FX100


NTi Audio has created a two-part video series showing how to design a customized procedure for testing a wireless audio device. The first part dealt with the setup of the sequence and user interaction. This second part demonstrates how to customize data logging and produce graphical test reports, using a Microsoft Word template.


The new FX-Control release V2.6.2 is available from 15th March at
http://my.nti-audio.com/support/fx free of charge for all registered customers.

Watch the first part of the video series here


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