26. abril 2023

Effortless Reverberation Time Measurements from 100Hz with the delta-Clapper

Effortless Reverberation Time Measurements from 100Hz with the delta-Clapper

With the δ-Clapper (pronounced "delta-Clapper"), NTi Audio now offers a handy and powerful impulsive sound source for room and building acoustics applications.  Reverberation time measurements can now be performed quickly and without time-consuming preparation. In addition to its moderate weight and perfect balance, the δ-Clapper excels with an impressive impulse spectrum, especially in the low-frequency range.

The δ-Clapper is a ready-to-use mechanical impulsive sound source. The name δ-Clapper is derived from the "delta sequence", i.e. the mathematical description of the ideal, infinitely short, but also infinitely high impulse that completely contains all frequency ranges. Accordingly, we focused our development efforts on controlled radiation in the critical low-frequency region of the pulse spectrum.

delta-Clapper Typical Spectrum
Typical spectrum, sound pressure level at 1m distance,
Anechoic Chamber


The δ-Clapper is not only suitable for determining the reverberation time in rooms, but is also an excellent companion for sound insulation measurements; if the reverberation time measurement in the receiving room is carried out with the δ-Clapper, a possibly time-consuming relocation of the dodecahedron loudspeaker including stand and amplifier from the transmitting to the receiving room is not necessary*.

(*Please always observe the respective standard)

delta-Clapper Scope of Delivery

The standard scope of delivery of the δ-Clapper includes a robust carrying case with shoulder strap and hearing protection.

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