27. maio 2013

Faster Microphone Test using GlideSweep Analysis

The new version V2.11 of the RT-MicFX Microphone Test software utilizes the advantages of the FX100 Audio Analyzer. All tests are performed by a logarithmic GlideSweep, which results in high test speed and immunity against environmental noise.

Supported measurement functions are frequency & distortion response, sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and Rub&Buzz for detecting electro-mechanical defects. Additionally, directivity polar plots and a DC microphone power supply test are also available.

The software interfaces to barcode readers, DIO cards and a sensor for temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure.



The new RT-MicFX release V2.11 is available at
http://my.nti-audio.com/support/fx free of charge for all registered customers.


Read more about the microphone test solution here.




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