07. março 2024

Greater Efficiency in Sound Insulation Measurements with the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer

Greater Efficiency in Sound Insulation Measurements with the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer

Building Acoustics measurements in large buildings often require hundreds of individual measurements in order to determine the sound insulation between all rooms in accordance with standards. It is therefore advantageous to have an organized workflow. For this purpose, V1.28 of the XL3 firmware offers useful new functions.


The XL3 V1.28 firmware focuses on optimizing workflows for complex sound insulation measurement projects.

No Unnecessary Repeated Measurements

The workflow in the XL3 allows sharing of measurements. The level (L1) in a source (sending) room, once measured, can be reused in the calculation for each of the adjacent receiving rooms – no need to measure L1 again for each partition. Also, the background noise (B2) and reverberation time (T2) levels in a receiving room, once measured, can be used for calculations from each adjacent source room.

In the XL3 user interface, the user can choose to simply import these existing measurements. This saves time.

XL3 Sound Insulation Measurements Importing Data

Import of Receiving Room B2 and T2 measurement data


Measurement Workflow Flexibility

Sound insulation measurement tasks involving many partitions can be complex. All partitions need to be covered. The workflow on the XL3 is easy to follow, and allows for unforeseen events. For example, if a partition cannot be fully measured because a room is temporarily inaccessible, the XL3 allows you to execute and store the single measurements that are possible for that partition, and add the missing measurements at a later date. This functionality is managed from the Measurement Explorer view.

XL3 Sound Insulation Measurements Resume Measurements

XL3 Measurement Explorer View


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TIP: Reopening and resuming measurements is also available for Sound Level Meter and Reverberation Time measurements that were recorded as a Measurement Series.

This short instruction video shows how to install the new XL3 firmware. Firmware V1.28 is also available for download here

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