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The XL3 API - the Key to Easy Integration

The XL3 API - the Key to Easy Integration

The XL3 API (Application Programming Interface) is the ideal tool for integrating the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer into your own software solution. Whether locally via USB, or on the intranet or internet via LAN or WLAN - the XL3 is always available, everywhere.

In a local network, the XL3 API can be used via TCP protocol. Websockets are a further option. When using the NTi Connect Service every XL3 connected to the Internet can be accessed through its connect key.

  • The Streaming API is the best choice for applications where continuous measurements are required, such as noise monitoring.
  • The Control API is suitable for flexible applications with changing requirements.

Streaming API

After an initial configuration using a json file, the XL3 streams data in the desired form and periodicity. This can include broadband levels, spectra, SOH (State Of Health) data and audio recordings. You can choose between live data and stored values. This ensures seamless data acquisition even after a communication channel failure.

Control API

The XL3 can be controlled from your software via a comprehensive set of commands and queries. This includes configuration, starting and stopping measurements, as well as querying measurement results.

The complete documentation of the XL3 API with numerous examples can be found here.

Or should you desire additional information, you can find a recording of the webinar on this topic on our website
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To use the XL3 API, the "API Programming Interface" option and firmware V1.26 and above are required on the XL3.

#600 000 711 API Programming Interface Permanent
#600 000 724 API Programming Interface 365

Further information on the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer can be found here

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