15. April 2012

Neue Impedanz-Messoption für den FX100 Audio Analysator

The new SIH option further extends the application range by allowing measurement of the impedance response of loudspeakers or similar devices up to 1300 W. Due to the modular architecture of the FX100 Audio analyzer, the extension fits seamlessly into the hardware and software structure of the system.

The new SIH option for the FX100 Audio analyzer is a modular extension that allows measurement of the impedance response, including DC-resistance and Thiele-Small parameters, of larger loudspeakers or other devices with a high power consumption. The module itself and its functionality are automatically
recognized by the FX-Control suite or the dedicated RT-Speaker software package for speaker production testing. Thus, impedance curve or power consumption measurements can be executed simultaneously with level, distortion or Rub&Buzz analysis.

The plug-in SIH module is installed in the FX100 upon request, and extends the outstanding versatility, performance and simple operation of the instrument. FX100 is a state-of-the-art Audio analyzer that incorporates over 30 years of experience in the Audio test & measurement market, thus providing throughtout
solutions for a wide range of use cases.

Further information information of the FX100 Audio Analyzer and its accessories.

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