20. April 2018

Optimised BS4142 assessment - in touch with your data 24/7

Optimised BS4142 assessment - in touch with your data 24/7

Unattended Noise Surveys can often be problematic with the measurement location far away on a difficult-to-access site and your important client urgently requiring their noise assessment report.

Using the standard national mobile broadband network, NTi Audio’s Gateway gives you 24/7 remote access to your class 1 noise monitor along with peace of mind that the instrument is actually gathering the all-important data you require.    

From the comfort of your office, you get full control of the XL2 Sound Level Analyzer; it could be 200 miles away. The screen and control buttons of the instrument are available real-time in your browser. Also, you can download data, including spectral and continuous audio without affecting the on-going measurement.

This leaves you with more time for other important stuff instead of driving to the site and back. Time to make smart decisions, like considering if you already have sufficient data, or should you let the XL2 measure for a few more days. Smart decisions like efficiently storing only as much data as is required in order to maximize the number of projects the instrument can be used on.

Gateway gives you complete control of the XL2 as if the instrument were in front of you. You can quickly identify noise problem areas while the assessment is still running. Build up your client’s confidence in you by creating preliminary professional reports. Then get the full assessment report with the Data Explorer PC-software, delivered to your client even before you take the long drive to pick up the remote noise monitor.

Setting up the Gateway and operating the XL2 are intuitive processes, and there is no need for an additional modem. The NetBox is the piece of NTi Audio equipment that provides the gateway to your XL2 and your data.​

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