15. Februar 2012

XL2 Analysator neu mit Scheder & Event-Funktionen

XL2 Analyzer offers new Scheduling & Event Functions

The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer has been extended with Scheduler and Event functions, reducing the stored data volume for long-term measurements and simplifying data post-processing. It also supports the new XL2 Projector software that provides complete remote control of, and file transfer from, the XL2 via your PC.

The Scheduler is a powerful functional extension to the basic firmware allowing the XL2 to start measurements and log repeated events such as daily club noise monitoring at predefined hours during the day or night. With this mode activated, the XL2 automatically starts up at the predefined time, conducts and stores the measurements, and switches back to idle mode. Time intervals between measurements can be defined from seconds to days.

The Event function is triggered either by external hardware inputs from the “XL2 Input Keypad” or by programmable level thresholds. Once an event is triggered, the XL2 logs measurement data and calculates the LEQ over the event period. In parallel, an audio WAV file may be recorded for a selectable period of time. The Event function is available with the optional Extended Acoustic Pack.

The firmware version V2.32 is available for all XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzers now and its download is free of charge. Read more at www.nti-audio.com/XL2.

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