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5. Mar. 2013

M2230 with 16dB(A) Noise Floor

M2230 Microphone with 16dB(A) Noise Floor

The new M2230 measurement microphone extends NTi Audio’s range of measurement microphones at the top end. Its specifications comply fully with IEC 61672 and fulfill all class 1 requirements, including environmental requirements. The microphone features a very low residual noise floor of 16 dB(A) and supports precise and linear measurements up to a maximum of 139 dBSPL.

The M2230 consists of the microphone preamplifier MA220 and the omni-directional ½” electret capsule MC230 with metal diaphragm and a standard UNS60 thread. The preamplifier is equipped with an internal electronic datasheet containing the calibration parameters of the microphone. When the microphone is connected to the XL2 Audio and Acoustic analyzer, the Automatic Sensor Detection (ASD) reads this datasheet and automatically loads the correct settings within the XL2. Each microphone is calibrated and delivered with its individual frequency response chart.

“The introduction of the M2230 is an important milestone for NTi Audio as it allowed us to obtain the PTB type approval according to IEC 61672 for the combination of this microphone and the XL2-TA analyzer”, comments Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi-Audio AG.

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