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Live Events: Comply with Sound Limits

The XL2 Analyzer helps you comply with sound limit regulations. Simply power up the sound level meter, select the pre-configured measurement profile and press start. The XL2 measures and logs all levels without further user action, and gives you a red light when you are above the limit. A compressed audio wav-file may be recorded simultaneously.

XL2 with M4260 Measurement Microphone

XL2 Limit Light

Including Correction Factors

The XL2 measures the correction values between the loudest point of the live event and the actual measurement position, e.g. the front-of-house. These correction values are included with the actual measurement data, thus you have the level at the loudest point in the public area under control.

Predict into the Future

Run the Sound Level Predictor PC Software Application to monitor how much time you have BEFORE the light goes red.

Automated Report

Load the logged data into a report template and play the XL2 audio file to review any periods when the sound was over the limit, such as when the audience applause was too loud.

Gives You the Green Light

The tricolor Limit LED or the optional external Limit Light gives you the green light when you are within the prescribed limit. It turns yellow or red when reaching or exceeding the pre-set limits.

Large View of Sound Levels

The XL2 Projector is a free software that displays the XL2 screen in real-time via USB on the connected PC. The virtual keyboard enables control of the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer with mouse clicks from the PC.

  • Live sound engineers can monitor the sound level at distances away from the XL2. The background color of the XL2 Projector turns from green to red according to the user-defined limits.
  • Education and training in audio and acoustics

Sound Level Predictor

The Sound Level Predictor is a free PC software that allows the mix engineer at a live concert to glace 10 minutes into the future and see a simple visual display of what the sound pressure level is likely to be.

Sound engineers are often required to work with a red light that indicates when local regulation sound limits have been exceeded. When the red bulb lights up, the knee-jerk reaction is to reduce the main gains on the mixing console. This action can compromise the quality of the mix, particularly at venues where a loud acoustic stage sound is being produced (drums, brass, monitors) or where the speakers are non-linear (do not have the same frequency response when sound levels are reduced).

XL2 Sound Level Predictor

Maintain the Quality of your Mix

The Sound Level Predictor gives the FOH-engineer a heads-up that sound levels could exceed the limits within the next 10 minutes. This allows enough time to reduce the energy in the mix by adjusting individual instrument and vocal levels and frequencies. The quality of the mix is thus less likely to be compromised as much as it would be by simply pushing those main sliders down.

Sound Level Predictor supports FOH-Engineer

A quick glance at the graphic display shows the state-of-play so you can see how quickly the level is approaching the limit. The Sound Level Predictor thus seeks to work "with" the FOH-engineer rather than being "the red light that I hate".

System Requirements:

Local Noise Monitoring Network

Multiple XL2 Analyzers connect with USB Device Servers via LAN or WLAN within a local network for online noise monitoring. An individual Projector Software may be started for each XL2 Analyzer, thus simultaneously displaying all XL2 screens on the PC monitor. Each XL2 Analyzer can be controlled from the host PC.

XL2 Noise Monitoring Network

Individual Solution programmed by Customer

The Remote Measurement Option allows querying of the XL2 measurement data online via the USB interface. Multiple XL2 Analyzers can be implemented into a customer specific noise monitoring solution. The XL2 acts as a front end device for sound level measurements.

Type Approval Option

The Type Approval Option, when installed on your XL2, upgrades the instrument to the XL2-TA, the sound level meter for certified measurements. The XL2-TA, together with the M2230 microphone and Shroud jacket, forms a type-approved sound level meter offering class 1 performance in accordance with IEC 61672:2014, IEC 61260:2014, ANSI S1.4:2014 and ANSI S1.11:2014 standard.

Type approved sound level meter configuration:
  • XL2-TA Sound Level Meter (XL2 with Type Approval Option installed)
    • Firmware V3.11
    • Optional: Extended Acoustic Pack Option
    • Optional: XL2 Input Keypad
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • Shroud MXA01

XL2-TA Type Approval Certificate

Order Information

Exel Set for Live Sound Monitoring

Exel Kit for Live Sound Monitoring

  • XL2 Sound Level Meter
  • M4260 Measurement Microphone
  • ASD Cable
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Exel System Case

Optional as required:

Limit Light

visual level indication with a green, orange or red light

Precision Calibrator

for user calibration

Remote Measurement Option for XL2

for querying measurement data

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Customer Comments

"I have now been using the XL2 a couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying the marvellous instrument! I have for example recorded audio and all sorts of dB readings in a live performance of my friend's jazz band. I got readings from 35.9dB (LAFmin) up to 127.6dB (LCPKmax). The dynamics of the XL2+M2210 really is huge! In addition the noise floor is very smooth - no cracks,chirps or whining - just quiet hiss. Very impressive indeed."
Marko Malinen, Finland

“I am happy that you keep on developing new applications and uses for the XL2, it is quite a convenient and powerful tool. In my opinion it is a serious competition for the traditional sound level meters at a better price and with more versatility. The Type Approval is an important step forward in the acceptation of the system; even in situations where type approval is not really needed, it helps avoiding discussions on the validity of the measurements."
Ben Kok, www.benkok.com, Netherlands