16. May 2014

1Live Krone uses the XL2 Sound Level Meter

1Live Krone uses the XL2 Sound Level Meter

The 1Live Krone music prizes are awarded annually by the German radio station 1Live. The XL2 Sound Level Meter is used to monitor the ceremony and the various concerts. The most popular German musicians, as chosen by 1Live listeners, are honored each year at the 1Live Krone event.

At the last event, four concerts took place at three venues in the run up to the awards ceremony; Fettes Brot and Marteria played in the Turbinenhalle while Xavier Naidoo and Milky Chance entertained the fans in the Dampfgebläsehaus. To protect the audience from high sound pressure levels, all live performances were monitored with the XL2 Sound Level Meter. Matthias Scheffe from TON & TECHNIK Scheffe GmbH performed the measurements according to the DIN15905-5 standard.

Scheffe received the additional required XL2 meters for the multiple venues from the NTi Audio German distributor, Schalltechnik Süd & Nord. During the sound checks Scheffe determined the correction values, using pink noise, between the loudest accessible public position and the measurement position (at the mixer). The XL2 Sound Level Meter uses these correction values, so the mixer guy is always shown the noise level of that loudest position in the event hall. Short-term levels above 99 dB(A) are indicated with a red light on the XL2 device itself. This allows the engineers to actively control the levels of the mix in real time so that all legal limits are respected. After the event, Scheffe loaded the automatically-stored measurement data into the corresponding NTi Audio DIN15905-5 report form and produced complete measurement reports of the various events.

After the successful completion of the contract Matthias Scheffe summarized: "The XL2 Sound Level Meter is most suitable for the event monitoring. The meter is small, handy and easy-to-use. Not having to use a PC simplifies the measurement setup and saves time while ensuring accurate results. Monitoring these events with the XL2 Sound Level Meter meant that the audience could enjoy the performances of Wolfgang Niedecken, Casper, Sportfreunde Stiller, etc., at a comfortable sound level."

1Live Krone is held in Bochum Jahrhunderthalle. The company Satis&Fy are responsible for the PA and commissioned TON & TECHNIK Scheffe for the event monitoring.

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