28. March 2014

A loudspeaker test to suit your budget

The widely-used NTi Audio RT-Speaker loudspeaker test system is now available in three editions, graded on functionality and price. This allows you to select the appropriate solution that fulfills your individual loudspeaker testing requirements.

The combination of RT-Speaker software, PureSound™ Rub&Buzz detection and the FX100 or RT-2M audio analyzer has been the de-facto standard for end-of-line testing in loudspeaker manufacturing for over 10 years. While the software is used mainly in high-volume loudspeaker manufacturing, the new editions make RT-Speaker attractive also for smaller companies.

Basic Edition
For companies that want to replace their subjective ”Golden Ear” test with a cost-effective, objective test system that creates consistent results. This edition contains the Rub&Buzz test that uses NTi Audio’s PureSound™ technology.

Standard Edition
Designed for companies who test smaller quantities of loudspeakers, such as R&D, sample QC testing or PA rental companies. While the Standard Edition offers a comprehensive complete set of measurement functions, the test system can only be operated in manual mode.

Premiere Edition
Contains the full RT-Speaker functionality and is therefore the optimal solution for testing mass production of loudspeakers. Besides the complete set of measurement functions, the Premiere Edition offers numerous helpful features for system integration such as digital IO, TCP/IP interfaces and barcode scanners. Various user access rights, a comprehensive statistic tool as well as the ability to classify results complete the list of features.




   Loudspeaker Test Software including PureSound™
  Basic Standard Premiere
Measurement functions      
  • Automated calibration sequence
  • Reference measurement
  • PureSound Rub&Buzz Defect detection
  • Frequency response
  • Impedance response
  • Distortion response
  • Thiele/Small parameters
  • Multiple Resonance frequency readings
  • Multiple dBSPL readings
  • Multiple Polarity readings
  • DC Resistance
  • 2-DUT parallel measurement
  • Loudspeaker directivity (Polar plots)
  • Front panel PASS/FAIL indication
  • Temperature & Humidity sensor support
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Digital IO interface
  • DUT autodetect
  • TPC/IP remote control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Audio switcher support
  • Pre- and post-test actions
  • Turntable support
 Data handling      
  • Data Logging
  • Golden Sample finder (BMA)
  • Serial number handling
  • Result classifying
  • Statistic package
  • Calibration manager
  • Project Backup/Restore
  • Project sequencing
  • User role management
  • Multiple cycles
  • Automated documentation
  • Customized reports






The results produced by each of the three software editions are fully compatible to each other. Every RT-Speaker project can be executed with each software edition. 

All three editions also enable the PureSound Rub&Buzz defect detection in the FX-Control software.

Upgrade and evaluation licenses are available for all three editions.

For further information or a quotation please contact NTi Audio.


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