05. July 2016

Accountable Acoustic Quality Control in Production Lines

Accountable Acoustic Quality Control in Production Lines

NTi Audio provides a reliable yet cost-effective solution for acoustic quality control of products in a production line. The XL2 Sound Level Meter measures with certainty and without creating bottlenecks.

The XL2 Sound Level Meter gives you reproducible results. This workhorse device links via a USB interface into a PC for remote reporting and easy integration into existing systems.

Reliable, Reproducible Results
For many mechanical and electrical products, such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and washing machines, the state and the quality of the device can be determined from the sound level and the frequency spectrum created by the product. The XL2 is most suitable for doing this, and specifically when developing customized solutions for acoustic quality control within a production line. The XL2 sends the sound levels, a complete high resolution FFT spectrum or a 1/12 Octave RTA spectrum to the computer. Typically the custom-programmed software provides an instantaneous pass/fail indication and logs the data for quality traceability.

Coding as Easy as 3.141…
The XL2 Sound Level Meter provides a programming interface for customer-specific noise and quality monitoring requirements. A full command set and sample code is provided. The XL2 measurement data can be queried directly from a PC via the USB interface. A series of queries can be programmed in languages such as C#, Python or LabView. This allows custom measurement applications for sound level monitoring or automated measurements to be programmed on the PC.

From XL2 firmware V3.03, the XL2 Sound Level Meter allows simultaneous external querying of the FFT spectrum, the 1/12 Octave Spectrum and several sound level values. The Remote Measurement Option needs to be installed on the XL2 to enable the remote external queries. Further, installing the Spectral Limits Option provides the high-resolution spectral data.


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