27. February 2023

Acoustic Camera Complements Our Solution

Acoustic Camera Complements Our Solution

We have added the Sorama Acoustic Camera into our portfolio of products to offer customers a cutting-edge solution for acoustic measurement and analysis. The Sorama camera provides detailed and accurate visual representations of sound fields, allowing users to quickly identify and address any potential sound quality issues.

The Sorama CAM iV64 does this by using innovative technology to convert sound waves into images, identifying the exact location and intensity of the sound. 
By partnering with Sorama, we can now also offer this visual component in our solutions, allowing users to understand sound sources in a whole new way. This combination thus provides an even more effective way to respond to sound issues and improve the quality of products and services.

Sound CAM iV64

The portable Sorama CAM iV64 can display sound levels in a visualized manner, greatly simplifying the determination of sound origin.
It is equipped with 64 MEMS microphones in an optimized sunflower pattern. The noise localization findings and sound level measurements, including a spectrum and spectrogram, can be read directly from the 7-inch touchscreen.

“We are excited to add the innovative Sorama acoustic cameras to our product portfolio,” says Erik Aflalo, Executive Director at NTi Audio France, “and to offer our global customers and partners the added value of sound visualization.” 

Jerry Willems, Business Development Manager at Sorama, is equally enthusiastic: “Through this partnership, we can provide local support to our joint customers in many countries. NTi’s acoustic expertise is an added value for customers around the world.“ 


  • Sound level meter mode 
  • Real-time Spectrum
  • Real-time Spectrogram
  • Far-field sound source localization and visualization
  • Optional data export to Sorama Portal for in-depth analysis


Find more information about the Acoustic Camera iV64 here.

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