28. July 2015

Audio & Acoustic Seminar in Japan

Audio & Acoustic Seminar in Japan

NTi Japan was privileged to present the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer to more than 70 sound engineers at Sound Festa in Osaka on 24th June 2015. The engineers learned how a high-quality sound reproduction can be achieved.

In this seminar on “Audio & Acoustic measurement with Handheld Analyzer“, NTi Japan CEO, Tatsuya Okayasu covered practical applications on sound reproduction. Okayasu introduced the various parameters affecting the speech intelligibility of PA systems. These are the RT60 reverberation time in the room, the frequency response of PA speakers, the announcement level and the background noise. All these are easily measured by the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer. This comprehensive group of functions provide an all-in-one solution for sound engineers.

With great interest from the audience, Okayasu also emphasized the necessity for professional engineers to calibrate instruments, provide traceable reports and follow measurement standards (IEC, ISO, etc.).

More about Sound Festa: http://www.sound-festa.com/

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