06. August 2017

Audio Measurement Seminar in Tokyo

Audio Measurement Seminar in Tokyo

Within the last weeks NTI Japan held several measurement seminars with the Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer. The seminar that took place in Japan was focused on basic measurement knowledge as well as professional audio measurements.

The `Flexus FX100 Seminar` was held in Ryogoku, near the NTI Japan office in Tokyo. Small groups of six people from different companies attended the course. Within two sessions, the participants learned about different measurement techniques as well as the broad area of application of the FX100.

Getting started
Setting up the measurement environment and learning about the Flexus 100 as well as the measurement techniques, made up the content of the first session. At the beginning NTI Japan CEO Tatsuya Okayasu explained the audio measurement function and test signal. Due to the FX100 being a professional audio analyzer that adapts to the individual applications, Okayasu showed the possible test variations on the FX100 and its easy operation. At the end of this session the attendants were able to practice and try out different methods of measuring.

Deepen the knowledge
The second part of the seminar included different measurements such as measuring the sound level, frequency, impedance as well as rub & buzz of speakers. The participants practiced by testing the available microphones at the conference hall for pass/fail. Towards the end of the Seminar, Okayasu emphasized how to use the measurement data as well as how the instrument should be maintained correctly.

Great success for all participants
The `Flexus FX100 Seminar` was a great success for all participants. Topics of basic knowledge as well as practicing professional measurement methods gave an extensive overview. One of the attendants commented after the seminar, “Setting up the device correctly allows fast measurements with accurate data that is delivered immediately. Now I know exactly how to set the FX100 and how to use the different features. This makes my work much more easy and efficient.” Another participant summarized, “The seminar was a great success for me. I was able to improve my skills and my knowledge about different measurement methods.”

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