30. May 2019

Basic Audio & Acoustic Measurement Seminar in Tokyo

Basic Audio & Acoustic Measurement Seminar in Tokyo

NTi Japan held a seminar on April 16th in Tokyo on basic audio and acoustic measurements. This seminar focused on elemental knowledge about audio and acoustic measurement, such as sound pressure level, RTA, and frequency response of audio devices. The participants were given a demonstration of each measurement.

One of the attendees commented, “I now understand the principles of audio measurement.” Another participant said, “Thanks to the demonstration, I know how to confirm the measurement standard, and how to measure.” All participants were satisfied with the course and some users asked us to hold further in-house training sessions.

NTi Japan will hold another seminar on July 10th in Tokyo. The topic this time is “Testing Smart Devices with FX100 Audio Analyzer”. The details will be shown on our website soon.

Categories: Evacuation Systems