18. March 2020

Comprehensive Calibration Service at NTi Audio

Comprehensive Calibration Service at NTi Audio

In order to reliably maintain the accuracy of a measuring system, periodic calibration is necessary. Many standards and quality systems require regular, documented calibration of the measuring equipment used; usually in a one-year cycle. NTi Audio offers this service both at its headquarters in Schaan and at its international branches - recently also at NTi Audio UK Ltd in Stevenage.

Customers can conveniently register a measuring device online for calibration at https://my.nti-audio.com. The website guides you to your nearest NTi Audio calibration center and provides information on costs and duration of service and transport.

The most popular product is the XL2 Sound Level Meter, requiring a calibration according to the international IEC61672 standard. From the latest version of the standard (2013), acoustic measurements such as intrinsic noise and frequency response as well as a variety of electrical tests are required during the calibration process. The standard specifies limit values against which we test the XL2.

Each XL2 Sound Level Meter calibration is recorded with an individually-numbered certificate. This calibration certificate lists all relevant information about the tested sound level meter, and specifies the measuring equipment used during the test. The document also contains the detailed measurement results and an assessment of the test.

The calibration process also documents the traceable measurement accuracy and confirms that your XL2 meets or exceeds the standard requirements. The procedures comply with the documentation and traceability requirements of the EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

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