23. July 2019

Customer workshop: Testing Smart Devices with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

Customer workshop: Testing Smart Devices with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

On 10th of July 2019, NTi Japan in Tokyo held a customer workshop on testing smart devices with the FX100 Audio Analyzer. Mr. Tatsuya Okayasu, general manager of NTi Japan, introduced the NTi Audio FLEXUS analyzer platform and showed how to implement a test procedure using the FX-Control software.

After starting with basic measurement functions, the concept of “Open Loop” testing was introduced and discussed, as the key technology for testing smart devices. During the course of the workshop, a complete procedure for testing an Amazon Echo device was implemented step-by-step.

One of the attendees commented, “I was not familiar with the concept of open loop testing until today. I now realize its benefits when I comes to testing products without a designated audio input.” Another customer stated: “I am new to the FX100 and impressed about the rich functionality. I’m looking forward to use it at work.

Mr. Tatsuya Okayasu summarized the event: “For NTi Japan, workshops are always a great opportunity to meet with customers face to face. It helps the attendees to learn about new product features, - but it also helps us to better understand our customers’ demands and challenges. We appreciate the active participation of the attendees and look forward to meet them again in the next event.”

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