02. February 2015

Prestigious Fireworks Producer puts their Trust in the XL2

Prestigious Fireworks Producer puts their Trust in the XL2

Bugano is the leading Swiss producer of large fireworks. Dedicated to safety, they rely on the NTi Audio XL2 Sound Level Meter as part of their essential quality control. Uncompromising and with commitment and fire in their heart, they engage the world trade for major fireworks.



An innovative and creative company, since 1987 Bugano have chosen professional partners to achieve their goal – provide fireworks that inspire and enchant people.

Committed to Protecting your Hearing
Bugano places the highest priority on safety and compliance with the applicable regulations for fireworks. The class one XL2 Sound Level Meter is ideal for ensuring this. Toni Bussmann, owner and CEO of Bugano, reported, "I chose the XL2 as it offers excellent value for money and is very easy to operate." The XL2 provides a flexible solution for verifying all sound level limits for fireworks. Bussmann continues, "We perform our measurements in an isolated quarry. We position the measurement microphone at the required measurement point, and monitor the levels from a safe distance." In Switzerland the legislation requires that a sound exposure level of 115 dB LAE must not be exceeded.

Excellent Service Level
Contrik, the Swiss NTi Audio partner, manages the audio measurement requirements for Bugano. Speaking of Contrik, Bussmann declared, "We can rely on an excellent level of service."

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