28. June 2021

FX100 and FX-Control – a Perfect Team!

FX100 and FX-Control – a Perfect Team!

There are products that complement each other ideally such as the FX100 Audio Analyzer and the FX-Control software. The latter allows the user to exploit the full potential of the FX100 in a simple way. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to successfully and attractively implement even demanding measurement tasks within a short time.

A central feature of the FX-Control software is a clear visualization of the relevant configurations, parameters and measurement results. The user decides what is important and should be prominently displayed and what can remain in the background.

Measured data can be processed and archived in various ways. For pass/fail decisions, measured values can be assigned limits. 

FX-Control Software
FX Control Software

A powerful tool of the FX-Control software are the "Calculation Items". With these, measured values, constants and limits can be mathematically linked. In addition to numerous useful standard calculations, a comfortable formula editor is also available.

Of course, all values, whether measured or calculated, can be logged in various file formats.

The "Sequencer" tool strings together several measurements. If required, the system interacts with the user between individual measurements, e.g. to display instructions or to request a production series number. Using digital input and output signals, these sequences can also be embedded in an automated environment.