03. July 2012

FX100 Microphone Testing

FX100: Microphone Testing

The Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer with the RT-Mic PC Software provides an elaborate turnkey solution for testing microphones. Both high-end studio microphones and multiple MEMS microphones (in parallel) can be verified through optimized test procedures that are easy to configure and simple to operate, yet provide comprehensive data logging and result printouts.

Dynamic, phantom-powered or ICP-powered microphones can be directly connected to the analyzer, while an external adapter box allows for the testing of silicone chips with up to 8 digital MEMS microphones.

The solution is suited for high-volume production environments, which require maximum throughput and cost-effective quality control. Such a rapid test environment is possible by the FX100 generating fast GlideSweeps and analysing the results in real-time using powerful on-board DSPs. The solution also supports extended features such as microphone power consumption or directivity measurements, numerous communication interfaces, barcode reader, digital I/O cards, as well as temperature, humidity or air-pressure sensors.


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