01. March 2012

FX100 Pro-Audio Equipment Testing

FLEXUS FX100 analyzer supports ultra-fast Glide-Sweep technology.

The FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer is designed for testing of Pro-Audio equipment, such as loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers, mixers and sound processors.

The flexible architecture of the FX100 allows for numerous configurations, thus enabling measurement of such a wide range of devices. This functionality is accompanied by software products that cover every phase of the life cycle of Pro Audio equipment; R&D, QC, production, service and maintenance.

Loudspeaker testing:
connect the loudspeaker and the measurement microphone directly to the FX100, for simultaneous measurement of electrical and acoustic responses.

Microphone testing: the FX100 first analyses and equalizes the acoustic source to provide a flat frequency response input to the microphone, then provides a detailed analysis of the microphone characteristics. For directivity measurements, the microphone is mounted on the NTi Audio Turntable.

Audio mixer testing: connect the Input- and Output Switchers to the FX100 to allow for sequential signal generation and analysis on up to 80 input and 80 output channels.

Watch the video presentation here.
For more information on the FLEXUS FX100, visit www.nti-audio.com/FX100

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