01. February 2012

FX100 with Fast GlideSweep

FLEXUS FX100 analyzer supports ultra-fast Glide-Sweep technology.

The FLEXUS FX100 audio analyzer offers a fast, yet accurate GlideSweep measurement technique. The GlideSweep, also known as Farina Sweep, continuously increases the frequency at a logarithmic rate. The duration of the sweep, and thus the test time can be chosen by the user. Test times can be as low as 100ms for certain applications, still covering the entire audio band.

Along with the high speed, the FX100 accurately delivers all important audio parameters (Level, THD and Harmonic Distortions, Phase, Steepness, etc.), in parallel, on up to four channels. The FX100 is able to simultaneously generate and analyze a GlideSweep, making it the ideal choice for rapid testing of loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers, mixers and virtually all audio devices. Also for testing playback devices with no audio input like MP3 players, tablet computers or smartphones, the FX100 quickly analyses a GlideSweep that is played by the device itself.

Unlike other audio measurement systems, the GlideSweep technology comes as a standard feature in NTi Audio’s FLEXUS FX100 at no additional cost. For more information visit www.nti-audio.com/FX100.

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