15. September 2017

Great atmosphere at the "We Love Green" festival in Paris

Great atmosphere at the "We Love Green" festival in Paris

The XL2 Sound Level Meter was again at work at the "We Love Green" festival this year. More than 58,000 visitors came to Paris on 10th and 11th June for an environmentally-friendly music festival. A colorful line-up together with an outstanding location made the festival an exceptional musical experience. The event sound level monitoring was carried out with the XL2.

At the "We Love Green" Festival, sustainability in the sense of environmental awareness and the understanding of community values, comes to the fore in all areas. For the visitors and neighbors this means a unique musical experience combining different styles of music in harmony with nature and their personal interests. This year the companies Intelligence Audio and Acoustique Audio Conseil, were commissioned to take over the event monitoring on the festival site and in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood noise under control
With the Bois de Vincennes Park on the outskirts of Paris, a great location steeped in history was chosen for the festival. The over 900 hectare park was the perfect place for this ecological and sustainable festival. In order to make the spectacle pleasant for both, the audience and the neighbors, the sound level monitoring was critical. The performances of the bands and DJs were monitored with three XL2 Sound Level Meters at various positions in the festival grounds. This allowed the control of loud music.

Sound Levels to Suit the Mood
Before the start of the festival, the company AAC determined the exact audio positions where the music would be the loudest. Then they compared this to the level at the mixing position. During the event, the Front of House engineer received a signal light when a sound level at the loudest position approached the critical value of 97dB. This allowed an early intervention by the engineer. The limit was set by the We Love Green organizers together with the Intelligence Audio sound designer.

Thanks to the well-organized festival monitoring, both the visitors and the neighbors were able to enjoy a great musical experience. The multi-layered line-up with Justice, Solange, Flying Lotus and many more pleased the audience with their good sounds.

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