22. March 2017

Italian Noise Assessment according to DM 16 marzo 1998

Italian Noise Assessment according to DM 16 marzo 1998

The XL2 Sound Level Meter is built for precisely measuring and recording industrial and commercial noise. The Data Explorer PC-software evaluates the recorded data in detail and calculates the Rating Level Lr. It is thus possible to verify the levels of noise and impulse data according to the DM 16 marzo 1998 standard. This provides an expert tool for rating and assessing industrial and transport noise.

The noise assessment, according to the Italian regulation DM 16 marzo 1998, is based on measuring the average sound pressure level LAeq over a representative period of time. Humans generally find that sounds with tonal or impulsive components are more disturbing than those without. The increased annoyance is considered with a penalty. The sum of the measured sound level and the individual penalties produces the rating level Lr for comparison with the applicable legal directive.

XL2 logs minimum Level for Tonality Detection
The XL2 Sound Level Meter stores the broadband sound levels with various time-weighting; fast, slow and impulse, every 100 milliseconds. At the same time, the meter records the minimum level Lmin of each third-octave band from 5 Hz to 20 kHz, as well as the audio data. The data evaluation and noise assessment are carried out using the specially-designed Data Explorer PC-software.

Data Explorer Software detects Impulses
The Data Explorer software identifies all measured impulses corresponding to DM 16 marzo 1998 and counts them for each hour. At the same time, Data Explorer automatically recognizes periods containing tonal sounds, calculates the frequency band of the tone and presents the applicable loudness curves graphically as a 1/3rd-octave spectrum. From this, the expert can determine the assessment level Lr for each hour. The XL2 Sound Level Meter in tandem with the Data Explorer software allows you to determine the rating level Lr and compare it with the prescribed limits. The audio recording can be played back, synchronized with the level progression on the graph, through the PC loudspeaker and thus the subjective impression can be verified.

Rating Level Assessment with XL2 Sound Level Meter
In summary, the XL2 Sound Level Meter, combined with the Data Explorer PC-software, provides the professional solution for the full assessment of the Lr rating level according to Italian legal requirements. The overall measurement package is ideally suited for documenting industrial and commercial noise and generating expert reports.

To determine impulsive sounds, the XL2 Sound Level Meter requires the optional Extended Acoustic Pack. The data evaluation in accordance with DM 16 marzo 1998 is enabled by using Data Explorer V1.60. The software is freely available for all users to download. Data import from the XL2 into the software is possible with the Data Explorer Option installed on the XL2 or a yearly subscription Data Explorer 365. Data Explorer can be installed on any number of PCs.

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