04. September 2017

Listen to On-site Sounds Remotely

Listen to On-site Sounds Remotely

Through a browser to the NoiseScout unattended noise monitoring web portal you can now listen to quality live audio samples from a remote location. This audio feature helps you to identify what may be causing sound level alarm conditions without you having to physically visit the location.

NTi Audio is constantly striving to add worthwhile features to the NoiseScout system. Audio recordings is the latest addition. The system itself consists of an XL2 Sound Level Meter with microphone, a NetBox which transmits the level data via 3G, LAN, WLAN modem and the NoiseScout servers, which store the recorded measurement data. Using the NoiseScout web portal, the data, including audio, can be viewed at any time and stored locally.

Identify the Cause of the Disturbance by using the Audio Recording
If an alarm is triggered, 10-second WAV files are made available for immediate download in the browser. Also, at any time, you can listen to live audio for 10 seconds. Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio, is pleased to announce this feature, "With the availability of the audio functionality in the NoiseScout system, we can offer our customers a clear added value. This reduces the number of journeys required to the remote location and thus greatly increases the efficiency of the sound level monitoring system."

When a sound level is exceeded over a specified measurement time interval, NoiseScout searches for the three periods with the highest sound pressure level within that time interval and stores the audio recordings of those three periods on the server. Limits for levels can be configured simply through the web portal. The recordings are generated at a sampling rate of 12 kHz and are stored in an ADPCM compressed WAV format for high-quality playback.

Optionally, the raw data and the WAV files can be imported into the XL2 Data Explorer PC Software for convenient post-processing and professional reporting of the levels and more e.g. determination of the noise level rating.

This remote audio feature is supported in the XL2 Sound Level Meter with firmware V3.31 or higher. The feature on NoiseScout is now available to all users.

Live Demo - Online Noise Monitoring
See the NoiseScout live demo here


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