07. December 2018



Why are top international musicians such as Milow, Judith Hill and Fred Wesley making a pilgrimage to the tiny principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe? Anyone who has ever sat in on a live studio session in the LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS in Eschen knows the answer; it is the unique combination of being up-close and present in the audience for a first-hand experience of a professional studio recording in a friendly, comfortable environment with an electric live atmosphere.

Austrian producer, musician and recording talent Manfred "Little" Konzett came up with a format that is as innovative as it is simple. He invites renowned professional musicians to join in and record their pieces in the studio in a live session. The audience sits around the musicians in a circle and each are provided with a studio-quality headphone. This unique setting is complemented by a crew of professional photographers and filmmakers, who capture the event from different perspectives. The result is simply stunning. The setting noticeably increases the presence and concentration of the musicians, which is reflected in exceptionally intense and rousing recordings. These are then either pressed in vinyl, released as a CD or can be viewed on YouTube.

A compelling technical feature of the LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS is the completely analogue recording technology. The signal follows from microphones through the mixer to the two time-honored Studer A820 - 2" 24-track analog recording devices. These worthy machines naturally require special attention and dedication during installation and maintenance. The technicians conquer this challenge with a Live Sound Kit from NTi Audio. "On the one hand, I can quickly identify individual cable connections thanks to the voice recordings on the MR-PRO and get an idea of ​​the quality of the track", enthuses Little Konzett. "In addition, I would like to check what arrives at the end of my long analogue chain. The MR-PRO and XL2 perform well for me. And if a channel is scratching, we can quickly locate the faulty components with the help of these handy devices and reliably verify the repair."

The LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS are living proof that, with a minimum investment in the right measurement technology, even sophisticated devices, such as an analog SSL console, can be kept in top condition for decades - a success story indeed.

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