10. September 2018

Live Sound Mixing within Legal Limits

Live Sound Mixing within Legal Limits

Live sound events should be enjoyable; a good quality sound and an entertaining show are the foundation for this. It is also important that the sound level does not cause discomfort or damage to the audience’s hearing, nor disturb the neighbors. The XL2 Sound Level Meter is the professional sound level measuring solution for such occasions.

The Projector PRO software presents all live measured levels in the venue itself, in small or large font (XL View), on a connected computer or tablet. The software also advises the FOH how much headroom in sound level capacity is available for the near future in case the next song needs to be loud. In addition, the XL2 records all the levels, required by law during a live sound event, in the audience area and the neighborhood.

Quick Setup
The Projector PRO software reads the measurement data from the connected XL2 Sound Level Meter and compares it to the allowed event limits (e.g. 99 dBA in Germany). The display is highlighted in green. If the level is exceeded, the background changes to red, providing clear, eye-catching visual status information to the mixer. With the latest software extension, all parameters and limits can be saved in a profile on the computer. Before the event starts, the FOH technician simply selects the profile and the measurement starts automatically. Operation of the XL2 directly is no longer necessary; thus the meter can be stowed safely in the measuring case during the entire event.

Live Sound Monitoring with XL2 and Projector PRO Software
Live Sound Measurement with XL2 and Projector PRO Software

Optimized Levels in the Audience Area
The Projector PRO software includes the SPL Predictor; this visualizes the level history of the current measurement interval and looks into the future by indicating how much time you have before the limit light goes red. This provides a level of freedom in the mix; boost that great guitar solo because you know there is a quiet song coming next in the set list. The audience is never exposed to any risk of hearing loss, and this can be proved in the measurement report, which is available with a mouse-click immediately after the show.

Quiet neighborhood
A successful event also includes compliance with the permitted noise levels in the surrounding areas to satisfy the neighbors. The XL2 Sound Level Meter allows for easy live monitoring of the noise level in the neighborhood through a web browser to the NoiseScout platform. With a 3G connection to the measuring device, the level values ​​are available live for monitoring directly at the mixing console. The meter is operated online via the web browser.

The latest Projector PRO software version V1.22 is freely available for registered customers. The "XL View" and "SPL Predictor" functions require that the "Remote Measurement Option" be installed on the XL2.

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