30. March 2015

Make sure your products sound right!

Make sure your products sound right!
Products that sound wrong can annoy your customers or could indicate a product defect.  Detecting such irregularities before shipping is important, because customers judge the product quality based on these sounds. NTi Audio provides solutions to check the sound quality of your products fast and reliably in an end-of-line test.

The best solution uses the FX100 Audio Analyzer in combination with a choice of software packages. The solution will meet your individual requirements with Swiss precision, integrate into your testing environment and provide you with data you can trust. It covers a wide field of applications and can be operated in manual to fully-automated mode.

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Test Parameters

If the sound is produced by the mechanics of the product, from shavers to shock absorbers, the measurements include a single number Sound Pressure Level, Octave band results, and high-resolution FFT analysis. This allows you to accurately determine presence and/or absence of required frequency bands. When an electro-acoustic test is performed, such as for a loudspeaker or a microphone, a dedicated test signal is used to fully characterize the acoustic components within 1-2 seconds. The test signal is produced by the FX100 or by the device under test itself. Typical measurements cover frequency, distortion and impedance response, as well as sensitivity.

Pass/Fail Criteria

The Pass/Fail criteria can be defined either by taking one or several reference measurements from “Golden Samples”, or by stipulating absolute limits as described by the product specification. These processes are supported by the test software.

Test System Hardware

The ideal audio tester hardware platform for R&D, QC or EOL product sound testing is the FLEXUS FX100.The FX100 is built to outstanding specifications and provides more than enough computing power to meet the industry standards in supporting fast measurement techniques. The hardware adapts to the application with plug-in modules providing multiple audio inputs and outputs. Measurement microphones are connected directly to the FX100 audio inputs. Besides display interfaces, communication to your environment is enabled through USB and digital IO interfaces.

Test System Software

Controlling the sequence of events in your test is straight-forward. NTi Audio offers ready-to-go software packages. The flexible FX-Control software covers most standard tests. RT-Speaker and RT-Mic are software packages specifically designated for loudspeaker and microphone manufacturing tests respectively. With these packages measurement sequences can be created within minutes - no program language required. For user-specific software we provide a .NET assembly. Talk to your FX100 through C#, Visual Basic or Python, for example. For LabView programmers, a collection of VI’s is provided.

System Integration

The sound test can be implemented as a standalone tester or embedded into a controlling system. For manual operation, the measurement can be triggered through a keyboard, footswitch or a barcode scanner. Results are reported back visually to the operator through the PC screen or a stack-light. In an automated environment, the audio test can be embedded into a control system such as a PLC, either through the on-board digital IO interface, or via a set of TCP/IP commands.


All measurement results are stored, either into files or a database. Data can be associated with a unique product serial number, MAC address or RFID code. Alternatively, the production batch number and the manufacturing location can be stored. Having this data available provides full traceability of the measurement results.

I am interested . Please send me  more information.
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