18. March 2024

MeasurEye Platform – Measurement Monitoring Solution

MeasurEye Platform – Measurement Monitoring Solution

NTi Audio is excited to introduce MeasurEye, our free cloud-based platform for autonomous monitoring. This complete solution provides versatile solutions to various industries and sectors:

  • Industrial & Infrastructure (Factories, Construction sites)
  • Transportation (Roads, Railways, Airports)
  • Entertainment (Concerts, Festivals, Venues)
  • Environmental (National parks, Protected Areas)
  • Occupational Noise Exposure


MeasurEye plays a vital role in remote monitoring of Noise Levels, Noise Direction, Air Quality, and Weather. It provides a sound basis for compliance decisions within legal limits and standards.


MeasurEye - Summary

MeasurEye - Configuration MeasurEye - Event Evaluation Example

MeasurEye Demo Project


Providing 24/7 hands-off monitoring capabilities, MeasurEye delivers real-time updates every second as well as historical data for in-depth analysis. Automatic Event and State of Health email alerts ensure that potential issues are promptly identified and can be addressed, minimizing downtime and time required for an expert to spend on site.

MeasurEye provides simple event evaluation, based on 1-second data, such as exceeding noise level limits (e.g. LAeq_dt > 70 dB) or combines multiple measurements to provide a more comprehensive assessment, providing meaningful alarms in complex environmental conditions.
e.g. (LAeq_dt > 70 dB and Max Wind Speed < 3 m/s) or PM10 > 50 μg/m³ 

Beyond measurements, MeasurEye provides State of Health information and alerts for Battery, Power Supply, GPS, and more. Additionally, the platform leverages advanced technologies such as AI-driven noise classification.

In summary, MeasurEye is more than a tool for monitoring - it's a comprehensive solution that empowers users to make informed decisions.


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MeasurEye is free to use! 
Create your account and discover the potential with our DEMO project.

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