21. October 2020

New Features for the Room Acoustics Reporter PC Software

New Features for the Room Acoustics Reporter PC Software

The latest version of the Room Acoustics Reporter PC-software now also supports the evaluation of noise curves using the standard methods (NC-2008, RNC-2008 and NR), and further allows the measured third-octave spectra to be compared with the limit curves according to the DIN 15996 standard.

Using reverberation time data measured by the XL2, measurement reports can now be created according to various ISO, ANSI and other standards.

The built-in library of absorption coefficients of insulation material from various manufacturers is constantly growing. Applying these materials to a simulation demonstrates the changes one can expect in the room.

Finally, the measurement, in a reverberation room, of the absorption coefficient of a material according to ASTM C423-17 and ISO 354:2003 is now also offered. This allows, for example, manufacturers of acoustic absorbers to easily perform their own absorption measurements.

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