26. February 2017

NoiseScout - Unattended Noise Monitoring with user-defined Day/Night-Limits

NoiseScout - Unattended Noise Monitoring with user-defined Day/Night-Limits

NoiseScout is the professional solution for unattended sound level monitoring. Around the clock, all the levels recorded with the XL2 Sound Level Meter are available in real-time on a website for viewing in graphs and for download. Automatic alert emails are sent as soon as a limit is exceeded. The latest NoiseScout feature offers the ability to set individual limits for day and night.

NoiseScout constantly monitors for alarm conditions, both for short-term, unattended measurements of a few hours, as well as for long-term measurements over many months. The XL2 stores the sound level data on site and transmits it automatically to the NoiseScout server. Your web browser displays the measured values graphically. Automatic emails inform you about any limits exceeded at the measuring location. This gives you a robust 24/7 control of the sound levels.

Individual Limits for distinct Time Periods


In the latest version, NoiseScout offers flexible settings for distinct time periods. Limits and pre-warning levels can be individually defined for multiple monitored levels. For example, the maximum permitted noise levels for residential areas of 50 dB during the day and 35 dB at night, is now supported by NoiseScout; In addition, a pre-warning level of e.g. 47 dB at day and 32 dB at night can be configured. As soon as the measured values reach this pre-warning level, you automatically receive an email and can act as a preventive measure before any applicable guidelines have been violated. The time period to be monitored is also freely selectable between 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes or the entire day or night time block.

Pre-warning Alarms
NoiseScout provides further features. For example, if the limit is specified as a maximum of 50 dB for each hour, NoiseScout also measures the level of each five-minute interval during this hour. This allows immediate action to be taken before a non-compliance condition arises at the end of the hour period.

NoiseScout is immediately operational
In summary, the NoiseScout system ensures compliance with noise regulations. It is immediately operational and easy to use. The recorded data can be exported from the website and then analyzed with the optional XL2 Data Explorer PC-software. This means that detailed, professional measurement reports can be created, even while the XL2 is still active on the site.

NoiseScout comprises the XL2 Sound Level Meter and a Netbox with mobile data modem. The online data service is offered within an innovative “pay-per-use” credit scheme. The new features for the flexible setting of the limit values are now available to all NoiseScout customers.

Live Demo - Online Noise Monitoring
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