19. August 2013

NTi Audio supports IBC

NTi Audio supports IBC
For many years, NTi Audio has supported IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The NTi Audio handheld instruments are regularly used for qualification and commissioning of conference rooms and audio-acoustic installations.

The combination of the XL2 Analyzer and Minirator provides the dedicated solution for calibration procedures and acoustic measurements. It offers polarity verification of loudspeakers, equalization of systems and spot checks in the rooms and auditoriums for system response throughout the listening area.

Cinema Calibration

The verification and fine adjustment of system response is critical to the performance of the cinema and Dolby 5.1 systems used at IBC. The handheld XL2 allows fast measurement of the frequency spectrum and precise adjustments to be made to the system very quickly. The IBC system specialist Terry Nelson reports: “The use of NTi Audio test equipment has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of our installations at IBC. They are an essential part of our toolkit.”

Aligning Digital Audio

Recent years have seen an almost complete changeover from analogue to digital systems and here the Digirator and Digilyzer have become vital components for system checking and aligning. The Digirator features test signals in PCM, AES/EBU and ADAT digital formats and this allows a variety of digital interfaces/circuits to be tested and equipment to be aligned accordingly. The digital world may be flexible but the number of formats can make life anything but easy! The Digirator is very much a timesaver.

Sound Level Monitoring

With the recent awareness of the dangers of excessive sound levels, major events at IBC (such as D-Cinema) are monitored for punctual and Leq levels in order to provide listening comfort for delegates. Being a high-profile event, IBC takes its responsibilities very seriously! The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer is in continuous use throughout the event, monitoring and reporting on sound levels.

Keeping Pace

IBC is an ideal platform for manufacturers to put their new products to the test under real-world conditions and every new measurement function that is added to the XL2 is used and proofed at IBC. The Spectral Limits, STIPA and Cinema Meter options, together with the Extended Acoustic Pack, provide a range of measurement features that are vital to achieving the technical excellence that IBC demands for all of it's presentations.

In short, NTi Audio test instruments have remained a vital ingredient to the success of the installations at IBC over a number of years and this collaboration is highly appreciated.

Contributing editor: Terry Nelson, www.studioequipment.ch




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