15. November 2021

One-stop Building Acoustics Solution

One-stop Building Acoustics Solution

For building acoustics measurements, NTi Audio AG offers a one-stop, complete package. The keystone is the Sound Insulation Reporter software, which guides users through the individual measurements, assists them in assigning the measurement data to the transmitting and receiving rooms, and averages the results. The latest software version supports many additional, country-specific features as well as several languages, thus massively simplifying standard-compliant reporting.

The Measurement System

Signals are read by one or more XL2 Acoustic Analysers, which are placed in the transmitting and receiving rooms. The sound source is provided by the lightweight DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker, driven by the PA3 Power Amplifier. The latter can be switched on and off using a hand-held radio remote control or via a network connection.

The Sound Insulation Reporter software guides the user through the individual measurements, assigns the results obtained to the corresponding rooms, and provides the data for review. After averaging and the integration of reverberation times and background noise levels, the result is a standard-compliant measurement report in the selected language, supplemented by customer-specific details such as a logo, etc. The system is equally suitable for the building industry and laboratory measurements.


New Innovations in the Sound Insulation Reporter

With version V1.36, the Sound Insulation Reporter software covers the latest standard adaptations of Switzerland (SIA 181:2020), the Netherlands (NEN 5077:2019) and the USA (ASTM E336-20). In addition, the software now also supports the following measurements: Façade insulation with traffic noise as a reference sound source, airborne sound insulation of doors in accordance with ISO 16283, as well as impact sound insulation using a "rubber ball" impulse sound source in accordance with ISO 10140. Furthermore, with the new version you can determine the sound insulation index R' using the “Global” measurement method as specified in DIN 4109. There are also a number of smaller usability enhancements that round off this powerful release.

The Sound Insulation Reporter software is available either with a permanent license or via an annual subscription. The latest version is available free-of-charge to all licensed users - download the package here.

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